In the mean time… Virtual Gravity Nano time by Storm Bowling

Well if you are a fan of this page and have been living under a rock for a few months then maybe this video is new to you.  But I am guessing it isn’t.  Well I am trying to break my all time highest number of views held by my old Columbia 300 Total Bedlam (click here to watch that video and if you youtube columbia 300 Total Bedlam it is 2nd from the most popular next to Professional PBA Future Hall of Famer Chris Barnes)

Anyways still some pretty impressive number of views.  I thank you all for the support and keep posted and comment below

Brent Dolan

P.S. interested in this ball click here to buy.  It also helps support this site.

Welcome to Alltenback’s Fresh new start

Well I been toying with the idea for quite awhile now seeing I am noticing more and more people are moving to a more Web 2.0 style of web sites.  Well ok maybe I am a little slow to conform to the change but I figured it isn’t going away anytime soon.  It also seems like more people spend more time on facebook than they do on websites anymore.  So if I can’t beat um might as well join um.  I am going to be slowing adding stuff to this new format as I dial it in as much as possible.  So bear with me with the updates and upgrades.    Comment and let me know what you like or dislike.  (mostly like =) positive feed back rules)

Thank for the support
Brent Dolan